On the Candidates page, you can quickly see from which posting platforms your candidates come from. 

For each candidate, you only need to look at the Last application column, and pay special attention to the logo highlighted in front of the title of your job offer. This logo indicates the platform that brought in the application.  

To analyze the quality of the sources, meaning the posting platforms, you can use filters. For example, you can select the Last application filter, and type in the name of the job offer that you want. This will allow you to see the source that brought in the most applications for this job. You can also use the Assessment filter to see the sources that brought in the best candidates. In the end, take a few minutes to determine the best platforms according to the most important criteria from your point of view, whether it is the quantity, the quality, the price, etc. Once you finish your analysis, you could have a better idea regarding the most profitable platforms, and you could maximize your efforts on them.

At last, don't forget that multiple factors, such as seasonality, industry and labor market can always affect your results. Hence, it is important to conduct this analysis in order to uncover current trends and guide your decision-making.

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