The Job Offers page enables you to see all the job offers that you posted. You have the ability to manage, filter, and classify your job offers according to the criteria of your choice. 


The filter feature allows you to display only the job offers that you are interested in. You can select from filters by a city, a company, a posting platform and more. 


The arrows on the right of the columns enable you to classify your job offers. For example, you can click on the arrows right next to Applications in order to see the job offers that received the most applications, and the other way around, the job offers that received the least applications. 

Note: The Posting platforms column displays the platforms where your job offers have been posted, as well as where they would be posted. In the example below, the first offer shows 3/5, meaning that it has been posted on 3 of the 5 suggested platforms. The logos of the 3 platforms are also displayed at full opacity in order to show you on which platforms it has been posted. 

*In theory, you should always notice that the logo of Enroll Talent is at full opacity since it is related to your Careers page. 


The 3 vertical dots on the right of a job offer allows you to modify, distribute, relaunch, and duplicate an offer. It is therefore where you can quickly perform an action on your job offer. 

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