Your recruitment pipelines allow you to manage your candidates throughout the hiring process. Each job offer has its recruitment pipeline, and each time a candidate applies, he/she will automatically enter the pipeline at the "New" stage. Starting from this moment, you can move him/her from one step to another.

You can manage the stage of a candidate from the Candidates page or the Job Offers page. 

Candidates page 

The candidates page displays all the candidates that applied to your job offers. You can use filters to organize them according to the criteria of your choice, and quickly access their profiles by clicking on their names. 

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This page also allows you to change the stage of a candidate in your recruitment pipeline: New, Rejected, In review, Interview 1, Interview 2. 

By developing the habit of updating his stage, you can be assured that your recruitment pipeline is optimal. 

Job Offers page 

Each job offer contains an Applications tab that enables you to see and manage the candidates who applied to the job.

Here is how it is done:

  1. Navigate to the Job Offers page

  2. Choose the job offer that you would like to manage

  3. Click the Applications tab

  4. Click the step you want within the pipeline

  5. Update the candidates' profiles and change their stages as needed

It is therefore in this place that you can follow the evolution of your candidates in your recruitment pipeline at any time. 

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