Here are more details on the sections that make up a candidate's profile: 

  1. Information of a candidate: The information offered by the candidate during his/her application. It is in this section that you can evaluate his/her profile with a star rating system, archive it or delete it. 

Note: Each job offer has an Applications section. It enables you to view the candidates at different stages of your recruitment process: New, In review, Interview 1, Interview 2, Offer, Hired, Rejected.  

You can archive a candidate that you no longer want to see in this Applications section and you will not receive a notification if he/she applies again. 

* Candidates are never lost and are always accessible on the Candidates page of your employer account.

2. Internal note: It allows you to add notes about a candidate. It is the perfect place to share your thoughts, summarize his/her strengths and weaknesses, as well as any other information that you find relevant to share with your teammates. 

3. Recent activities: The history of the notes that you and your team have shared. 

4. Documents of a candidate:  All the documents associated with a candidate (resume, cover letter, psychometric test, criminal investigations, etc.). You can add as many as you want, but note that only the following files are accepted: pdf, doc, docx, rtf, txt. 

5. Application history: The positions on which the candidate has applied. This is where you can change the stage he/she is in your recruitment process. You can also transfer him/her to another job offer. 

Now that you know more about candidates' profiles, take the opportunity to update them!

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