Enroll Talent provides you with a Careers page that you can personalize and integrate with your website. This is the fastest and cheapest way to manage your job offers and your candidates. 

Your job offers will be updated each time when you modify them from your Enroll Talent account. This feature helps you avoid changing your website manually. It also allows candidates to quickly apply using a simplified candidate form. Candidates will then be converted to candidates' profiles in your Enroll Talent account. 

Follow these steps to optimize your Careers page:

1. Set up your Careers page

Upload your logo and determine the primary color for your Careers page from the Companies page

Note: Your primary color should  remind people of your identity. It's a color seen from your logo or your website. You can find color codes from here.

2. Post your job offers on your Careers page

See how to do it here

Encourage your candidates to apply on your Careers page by sharing the URL on your website, social media, and other platforms that you use. 

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