Enroll Talent enables you to create a job offer in a few clicks. 

To do this, click on the blue "Create an offer" button located on the left menu or on the right-hand side of the Job offers page.

Then complete the process in 3 steps:  

1- Description of the job offer

The first step is to describe your job offer. Fill in as many fields as possible to make your job offer attractive and engaging to the right candidates. 

  • Language: The language in which you write your job offer. You can change the tab to make a description in both languages. If you do not translate, the job offer will be automatically translated by Google Translate

  • Company: The company you are recruiting for. 

  • Title: The title of the position. This title will appear on the platforms where the job offer is posted. 

  • Description: The description of the position. 

  • Internal reference number: The internal reference number associated with the position. 

  • Number of available positions: The number of positions you want to fill. 

  • Start date: The employee's scheduled start date.

  • Salary: A preferred option to present the salary of the position. 

  • Employment status: The employment status. You can select up to 2 choices. 

  • Categories: The job sector(s) related to the position. These categories determine on which websites the job offer can be posted. You can select up to 3 choices. 

  • Address: The address of the workplace. You can indicate it or hide it so that it does not appear on the job offer. 

Note: The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required to post a job offer.

 2- Requirements

It is now about indicating the requirements related to the position. Again, try to include as many elements as possible in order to properly target the candidates. 

  • Functions: The main responsibilities related to the position. 

  • Education: The field(s) of study related to the position. 

  • Experience: The number of years of experience sought in the field of employment. 

  • Certification: The certification(s) required for the position. 

3- Specifications  

This last step consists of determining the teammates involved in the recruitment of the position, the confidentiality of the job offer and the redirection of candidates. 

  • Your teammates: The membres that you want to involve in the recruitment of the position.

  • Confidentiality: The confidentiality of the job offer. A confidential job offer will not be posted on the Careers page of your company.  

  • Method of application: The website where you want to redirect the candidates to apply (if you do not want to be via Enroll Talent). 

Once you have completed these 3 steps, click on the "Post offer" button to post it on your Careers page offered by Enroll Talent.

And then? 

Now that your job offer is posted on your Careers page, you can post it on our specialized job sites and our partner networks in order to maximize your outreach. 

Best practice: Use the URL of your Careers page to promote your position and centralize the management of candidates on Enroll Talent.
Note:  It is not possible to add a redirect link to a job offer posted on your Careers page. 


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